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The hls Alloy Database

This database which now - August 2003 - contains calculated heat of formation, mass density, bulk modulus, Grüneisen parameter, and thermal expansion coefficient for 8685 binary alloys is established by Hans L. Skriver, who also maintains and expands it.

Select one of the structure buttons below to obtain an overall view of the stability of the alloys included in the database:

B1 NaCl structure B2 CsCl structure B11 gamma-CuTi structure B20 FeSi structure B1 FeB structure
B1 Cu2Mg structure   DO3 AlFe3 structure DO22 Al3Ti structure
L10 AuCu structure L11 CuPt structure L12 Cu3Au structure

Use the drop-down boxes to select the alloy(s) of interest, e.g., AgCu. To find all the possibilities search also for CuAg. At least one element must be selected.

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